...the show is gripping, with compelling performances, fearless direction, and

a vitally composed (and executed)

score...[Laura] Holland delivers a

laser-focused [performance]. 

-The Bad Oracle is in the ensemble that Clark curates and nurtures this work, pulling stunning, emotional imagery out of the bodies on stage.

-The Bad Oracle

Composer...Alexander’s breathtaking score…tenses and relaxes, tenses and relaxes, until you’re on the literal edge of your seat.  It’s master work, the heartbeat of the show.

The World Premiere of Meditations on Nationalism opened to rave reviews on June 21, 2018, at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in the Mount Vernon district of Baltimore. The show explored the topic of oppressive nationalism by unpacking, exploring, physicalizing and meditating on the subject, which has seeped into our national consciousness in the wake of the 2016 election.


Conceived and Directed by Ryan Clark

Music Composed by Patrick Alexander

The Ensemble:

Laura Holland

Nora Long

Alexander Scally

Andrew Wilkin

Meditations On Nationalism was nominated for Best Devised Show in 2018 

-The Bad Oracle

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