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The intimate male relationships of Abraham Lincoln have been under the scholar’s microscope 

for decades with many proposing the idea that these relationships went beyond basic friendships. 

World premiering in October 2022, Quarry Theatre’s original chamber opera, Yours Forever, 

Lincoln, aims to spark discussions around the history of sexuality, American revisionist history, 

and the importance of LGBTQAI+ visibility. 


A compilation of original text, historical first-person accounts, letters and poetry by Lincoln, and 

poetry by Walt Whitman, Lord Byron, and William Shakespeare, Yours Forever, Lincoln

explores the beauty of ambiguity, sexuality as a spectrum, and the men who helped shape one of 

the most iconic leaders in American history.  


"Lincoln has a mythological status in American culture and the realization that even an icon’s 

history can be erased inspired me to tell this story,” says Patrick Alexander, composer and 

co-librettist for the new opera, Yours Forever, Lincoln. “I hope other LGBTQAI+ people, upon 

experiencing this opera, will also feel seen." 


Yours Forever, Lincoln will premiere at The Voxel in Baltimore, October 2022. The Voxel, an 

ADA accessible theatre space, is located on 9 W 25th Street, Baltimore, MD, 21218. 

“No two men were ever more intimate.” 

-Joshua Speed on his relationship

with Abraham Lincoln 

the creators 

"You fear [the] Elysium of which you have dreamed is never to be realized. It is the peculiar misfortune of both you and me to dream dreams of Elysium far exceeding all that anything earthly can realize."

-Abraham Lincoln to Joshua Speed, February 1842

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October 2022 @ The Voxel
9 W 25th St
Baltimore, MD 21218

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