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"[The Way Out] is an emotionally potent piece that should be seen and should be shared."

-Theatre Bloom

Suicide transcends every gender, race, age and culture, and yet it remains one of the most controversial topics of our society. The headlines, articles, and statistics seem endless, but they also inspire many of the WHY questions of our shared human experience. Why do people choose suicide? Could an understanding of suicide in a historical context help us better navigate the topic today? What lessons can be learned from those who have been affected by suicide? The Way Out opened on August 23, 2019 at Baltimore Theatre Project as an original devised piece of theatre aimed at investigating the cultural, biological, historic and stigmatic impact surrounding suicide.


Conceived and Directed by Ryan Clark

Music Composed by Patrick Alexander

The Ensemble:

Laura Holland

Deirdre McAllister

Alex Shade

The Way Out was nominated for Best Devised Show in 2019

"[Patrick Alexander] has crafted an exquisitely emotional score that ebbs and flows throughout...Words often do not do the emotions evoked from Alexander’s score justice..."

-Theatre Bloom

"...I could feel how deeply the creative team believed in their show and how meaningful the experience was for them."

-Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance

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