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"Speech to the Court, Virginia vs. John Brown"

-John Brown

chapter 1: the authors of history

July 4-August 4

"What, To the Slave, Is the Fourth of July?"

-Frederick Douglass

"Speech to the Court, Virginia vs. John Brown"

-John Brown

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Chapter 2: the economics of democracy

August 18-September 15

Chapter 3: a nation in crisis

September 17-October 6

chapter 4: a nation decides

October 8-November 3

about the discourse project

1776. 1860. 1929. 1964. Since the inception of the United States of America, leaders and activists have ushered us through eras of discourse with the intent of reunification when our nation teetered on the edge of irrevocable division. In 2020, we are faced with re-evaluating our national identity.  What are our values as a nation? History offers itself as our guide, our teacher… are we ready to listen and learn? 


THE DISCOURSE PROJECT will feature actors from across the United States performing prominent speeches and historical documents that address our call for democracy, freedom, and equality. Premiering July 4th, and running through Election Day, we will share this video content on social media platforms in hopes of evoking a community discourse about the future of our nation leading up to the presidential election on November 3, 2020.

the ensemble

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Javier Rivera

Jordan Brown

Laura Holland

Jainaya Rice

Zak Rosen

Steve Sawicki

Griffin DeLisle

Yakima Rich

Leiah Poindexter

Ché Lyons

Willard Brewington III

additional ensemble members announced soon

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